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FB_eventimage_draft3 November 2016, 10 am EDT on

Facebook chat: How can climate change resilience bring opportunities to reduce inequalities?

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As the Paris Agreement on climate change is about to enter into force, don’t miss the opportunity to discuss climate change resilience and how this can reduce inequalities in the world.

Our Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development, Lenni Montiel and the team of authors behind the World Economic and Social Survey 2016: “Climate Change Resilience – An opportunity for reducing inequalities” will be on to discuss the findings of this survey and answer your questions.

  • Find out how governments can play a vital role in reducing the risks of climate change to vulnerable populations;
  • Deepen your understanding about the links between climate and development;
  • Learn what type of policies would address root causes of inequalities and build climate change resilience.

“Building resilience to climate change provides an opportunity to pay extra attention and allocate additional resources to reduce inequalities once and for all,” Mr. Montiel said ahead of the event. “Making communities resilient to climate change will therefore make sure we achieve all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.”

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We look forward to talk to you on 3 November!