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V. Enhanced cooperation for climate-resilient development

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Key messages

  • Delivering on the commitments set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development will be critical to strengthening resilience to climate change among the most vulnerable countries and population groups. Improving access to stable and adequate sources of finance for adaptation and contributing to the building of the information systems needed to guide policymaking for climate resilience are two concrete actions where greater international cooperation is needed.
  • Funding for adaptation projects lags behind funding for mitigation efforts by a significant margin. Public domestic and international efforts are needed to mobilize sufficient resources and provide incentives to the private sector to invest in adaptation. This is especially important for building the resilience and adaptive capacity of the most marginalized areas and population groups.
  • Identifying vulnerable people, understanding the risks they incur and designing policies aimed at building climate resilience require intensive collaboration, among a wide range of data programmes and across disciplines, on uncovering the interlinkages between vulnerability and climate hazards. Efforts in this direction require unprecedented levels of cooperation at the global and national levels as the foundation for a new form of data development.
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