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Background Papers


Analytical dimensions of inequality in integrated climate impact assessments

Marco V. Sánchez

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Assessing climate change impact, adaptation, vulnerability, and food security of farm households: The AgMIP Regional Integrated Assessment Approach

John M. Antle and Roberto O. Valdivia

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Building resilience to climate change: Three principles at the core of the policy process

Helena Afonso, Marcelo Lafleur and Sérgio Vieira

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Climate change and social inequality

S. Nazrul Islam and John Winkel

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Enhanced international cooperation on adaptation technologies and statistics for sustainable development

Alex Julca 

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Identifying opportunities in a changing climate: Research priorities for reducing vulnerability, poverty and inequality

Luis Carlos Jemio and Lykke E. Andersen 

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Sustainable pathways, climate change and the evolution of inequalities 

Israel Osorio Rodarte 

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The effects of changes in flooding, sea level rise and changes in salinity on multidimensional inequality

Golam Rabbani and Saleemul Huq

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The effects of changes in rainfall patterns, water availability, and desertification on multidimensional inequality

Julie A. Silva

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Unequal impacts of climate hazards: needs for building climate resilience for sustainable development

Hiroshi Kawamura

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What data analytics are needed to identify and monitor populations vulnerable to climate change in developing regions?

Robert Johnston 

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