Chapter I: History, Impact, and Outline of Lessons of MDG

  1. Background of MDGs
  2. MDG implementation efforts at the global level
  3. MDG implementation efforts at the national level
  4. Analytical framework
  5. MDG impact on development thinking
  6. MDG lessons for data development

Chapter II: Economic Policies for Achieving Development Goals

  1. Sustained, inclusive and equitable growth as effective path towards MDGs
  2. Policies to support sustained growth
  3. Policies to support inclusive and equitable growth
  4. Transforming MDG growth pattern for SDGs

Chapter III: Social Policies for Achieving Development Goals

  1. Social policies for reduction of poverty and hunger
  2. Policies to attain universal primary education
  3. Promoting gender equality and empowering women
  4. Integrated and effective health interventions and systems
  5. Overall lessons and implications for post-2015

Chapter IV: MDG Lessons for Environmental Sustainability

  1. Background for MDG7
  2. Protecting atmosphere to combat climate change
  3. Sustainably managing forests
  4. Protecting terrestrial and marine areas, water use, fish stock and biodiversity
  5. Improving drinking water, sanitation and slums
  6. Overall MDG7 lessons and their implications for the post-2015

Chapter V: Governance, Institutions and Peaceful Societies for Achieving Development Goals

  1. The role of good governance and effective institutions for development
  2. Peace and stability as both the enabler for and outcome of development

Chapter VI: Global Partnerships for Achieving Development Goals

  1. Evolution of development partnerships leading to MDGs
  2. The role of MDG8 in promoting development goals
  3. Emergence of other partnerships for development cooperation
  4. Renewed global partnerships for sustainable development in the post-2015