Second Expert Group Meeting concludes in New York


A two-day Expert Group Meeting was held on February 26 and 27 in New York to discuss the draft chapters of World Economic and Social Survey 2014/2015. A very useful and rich discussion took place at each of the six sessions, and the comments and suggestions received will now be incorporated by the writing team to revise the chapters.

Participants included ten invited experts from academia, government development agencies, international organizations and NGOs, including Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Sanjay Reddy, Michael Cohen, Ingrid Kvangraven, Binayak Sen, Lynn Freedman, Birger Fredriksen, Babatunde Omilola, Laszlo Pinter, Inga Winkler, Jeroen Kwakkenbos and Brian Tomlinson (Aid Watch Canada). Several members of UN/DESA participated as designated discussants, including Diana Alarcon, Caroline Lombardo, David O’Connor and Juwang Zhu, as well as Henk-Jan Brinkman from the Peacebuilding Support Office. Staffmembers from the International Labour Organization, UN Women and the World Bank also participated in the meeting.

The six sessions consisted of:

  • History, framework and overview of lessons of MDGs
  • MDG lessons on economic policies
  • MDG lessons on social policies
  • MDG lessons on environmental policies
  • MDG lessons on governance, institutions, peace and stability
  • MDG lessons on development cooperation and partnership

Download the Meeting Minutes