III. Social Policies for Achieving Development Goals

III. Social Policies for Achieving Development Goals

MDG-specific policies are geared towards individual Goals and focus on identifiable sectors. WESS 2014/2015 will consider the experiences with regard to the adoption and incorporation of the MDGs in national development strategies and will examine the importance of policy coherence and adequate financing to support these policies.

WESS 2014/2015 will consider the benefits and drawbacks of different types of policies, such as those with trans- and cross-sectoral impact. It will assess the issue of policy coherence, including matters of spillovers and synergy, lags and leads, and long-term payoffs of MDG investments.

Background paper:

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World Economic and Social Survey 2014/2015: Chapter III


  1. The chapter looks very promising and informative, yet it may benefit from taking the adverse impacts of recent austerity measures and its effects on developing countries into account, as well as the challenges of providing for delivering social development on conflict situations and for large number of migrants and refugees. Moreover, I think the chapter could benefit from highlighting demographic trends as well.

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